AI Tools For Small Businesses: Save Time and Launch Faster into Success

Outsourcing tasks like website design, copywriting, and team management can be expensive and time-consuming, making it a luxury that small businesses cannot always afford.

Therefore, a good alternative is using artificial intelligence (AI) Tools that can finish these tasks much faster and for a lower price.

This article will list all the necessary AI tools you can use today and launch and empower your small business easily and quickly.

AI Website Builders

Every business needs a well-functioning website that accurately represents its brand. However, creating a website can be lengthy, complex, and, of course, pricey.

Therefore, AI web builders can significantly speed up this process.

AI web builders are tools that use artificial intelligence to help users build responsive and beautiful websites.

Most website AI builders work on the “prompt approach,” requiring users to describe their desired website in a few words, and based on their description, they generate a website.

Here is a list of AI website builders to help you create a website in minutes.

A list of AI website builders

  1. Wix ADI is an AI-powered website builder that generates personalized and visually appealing websites based on user input.
  2. 10Web is a sought-after AI website builder that creates responsive websites quickly by asking users a few questions and generating the site within minutes.
  3. Durable is an affordable AI website builder that offers subscription plans starting at $12/month, providing features like AI Assistant, Invoicing, and AI-powered CRM.
  4. Bookmark AI design assistant (AiDA) makes website creation and optimization effortless by providing personalized suggestions based on data analysis.
  5. Fronty is an AI-powered service that converts web page designs into HTML/CSS code, offering unlimited design options and easily manageable code.
  6. Through their AI-powered design process, B12 helps businesses build professional websites optimized for search engines equipped with payment and client engagement tools.

AI Content Creators

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After creating a stunning website, small business owners need a high-quality copy that spreads their message accurately and converts visitors into paying customers.

These tools can help you write everything from blog post product descriptions and copy for your email marketing to engaging and fun social media content, thus improving your marketing campaigns.

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A list of AI-powered tools for easy content creation

  • AdCreative AI. generates custom-sized creatives tailored for popular social media platforms, helping businesses produce engaging social media post creatives.
  • OwlyWriter AI.
  • Jasper.
  • ChatGPT.

AI notetakers for meetings

Meetings with your team are crucial whether you have a small or large business, a physical store, or a remote startup.

Luckily, we have AI technology to facilitate this process and ease face-to-face meetings, allowing us to make them anywhere we want.

As a bonus, AI notetakers can help us now take notes of all the important things said in the meetings, allowing us to focus fully on the meeting.

A list of AI note takers for meetings

  1. is an advanced AI note-taker that offers features like transcribing and summarizing meetings, integrating with conferencing applications, and synchronizing with productivity tools.
  2. efficiently integrates with various video conferencing applications and provides quick AI processing of notes, supporting over thirty languages and implementing robust security measures.
  3. MeetGeek is a user-friendly AI-powered tool for note-taking, transcribing, and summarizing meetings, offering features like written summaries, highlights, easy-to-use timestamps, and compatibility with popular conferencing platforms.
  4. is a powerful AI note-keeping app that integrates with video conferencing apps, supports multiple languages, and offers features like video and audio transcription, offline recording, advanced search, and voice identification.

AI image generators

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AI Image generators are a lifesaver for people lacking PhotoShop skills and don’t know how to create and edit beautiful images from scratch.

Stock image websites can also be hard on small business owners' pockets.

So, for an affordable price, users can create amazing images for their websites and social media channels using AI image generators.

A list of AI image generators.

  • Midjourney. Midjourney is an AI image generation program that utilizes natural language processing to understand prompts and generate images, with various use cases and subscription plans available.
  • StarryAI. offers web and app versions for iOS and Android and provides three types of artwork generation (Art, Photos, and Illustrations) with customization options and a prompt library.
  • DreamStudio. User-friendly platform with a Stable Diffusion model, offering 25 free credits for image generation, advanced settings, and an API key for integration with other applications.
  • BlueWillow. BlueWillow is an AI-powered image generation tool that operates on Discord, aggregating multiple AI models to provide high-quality generated images based on detailed text prompts from users.
  • Diffusion Art. Curated a library of over 200 open-source AI Art Models specialized in Art & Anime image creation, with features like prompt generation, image enhancement, and bulk image generation.
  • ImgCreator is a distinctive AI image generator that offers free images and includes unique features like Background AI and Room Design for creating stunning visuals and designing rooms with the help of artificial intelligence.
  • Prompt Hunt. Offers templates or themes for image creation; the default model is Chroma and provides a public image feed and Discord server for community interaction.

AI video generator

Video content has been huge in the past few years. Therefore, as a business owner, you must follow trends and produce content in a format that is preferable for your customers.

Video editing requires sharp skills and a lot of effort, which can be pretty expensive.

But AI video generators can help you quickly create fun and quality videos for a good price.

A list of AI video generators

  • Runaway's Gen-2: A commercially available text-to-video model that generates videos from text prompts or images, offering video generation with different variations and upgrade options.
  • Vimeo's AI-powered video editor: Integrates AI features like script generation, built-in teleprompter, and AI text editing to simplify video creation for non-skilled users.
  • Google's Dreamix: An advanced AI video editor that alters existing videos or creates new ones from text prompts by infusing source images with noise and running them through a video diffusion model.
  • Make-A-Video: Allows users to generate humorous mini-films using text-to-image generation technology and additional media.
  • Combines robust AI capabilities with an intuitive interface for video creation, offering features like trimming, cropping, and adding subtitles.
  • Lumen5: An online tool for AI video creation that streamlines video content production based on existing content or from scratch.

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AI for recruiting

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As your business grows, you may find that you require additional assistance. In such cases, finding the right employee/s who can complete the job on time and fit in with your team is important.

Unfortunately, the recruitment process can be overwhelming for a single person to handle as it involves multiple phases. Fortunately, AI-powered tools are available for recruitment purposes.

Various tools are available to assist recruiters, but you'll need something affordable, user-friendly, and efficient as a small business owner.

ChatGPT can significantly help you with your recruitment efforts.

Ask ChatGPT to create an amazing job description, craft good emails, and help you prepare interview questions and resume screening. The chatbot will immediately answer your request, saving you significant time and money.

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To sum Up

Nowadays, we are blessed to have such advanced technology that can help us finish our tasks with significantly fewer resources.

This is a huge advantage for small businesses operating on a small budget and fighting fierce competition.

Hopefully, our list of AI tools for small businesses gave you insight into the best AI tools you can use to skyrocket your business to success.