6 Best AI Website Builders That Can Help You Create a Website in Minutes

Are developers still necessary in the age of AI?

Absolutely. 😍

While AI can save time and money, there is still a need for human expertise to refine and perfect the work done by machines.

However, an AI-powered web builder can be a valuable tool for those on a tight budget and who require a website ASAP. 😎

This article aims to explore these tools and provide key details to help you make an informed decision when choosing one.

Let's get started!

What are AI website builders?

what are ai website builders

As the name implies, AI website builders use artificial intelligence to help users create responsive and functional websites.

With the help of algorithms and machine learning, AI web builders can assist users in building websites that fit their needs.

Many of these tools can arrange elements automatically, suggest color schemes, and optimize layouts for different devices.

Moreover, many AI-driven web builders offer additional features that ease web page creation by allowing users to add AI-generated content and images and also optimize their websites for search engines.

Benefits of AI Website Builders

In recent months, AI technology has gained popularity for its efficient and quick solutions to various work tasks.

It has been proven to be a dependable tool that simplifies work processes significantly.

So, let's explore the advantages of integrating AI into the process of your website development. 🤩

It saves time and money.

Artificial intelligence can save a company time and money, two of the most significant resources it requires.

Depending on the location, an average full-stack web developer earns between $44k - $100k/year.

Therefore, small businesses that can't afford expensive developers can save money and time by using AI website-building tools that can also finish the job faster.

User-friendly interface.

Most web builders powered by AI can build intuitive and user-friendly websites that anyone can use.

Furthermore, AI tools are powerful enough to build websites for any business, from online stores to blogs.

Mobile friendly website

Mobile internet usage is about 4.32 billion, making mobile-optimized websites essential.

AI website builders can help you create websites suitable for any device, streamlining the accessibility and usage for the users.

This also impacts the user experience, which must be smooth and obstacle free so users can keep returning to your website.

Customized websites

Your website must be unique and must stand out from the crowd.

In manu cases, website owners hire graphic designers to design their aesthetics and capture the brand.

However, business owners with a limited budget and even more limited time can easily customize their websites using AI website builders.

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What to Look for in an AI Website Builder

The AI fever prompted many companies to build their own AI website builders that differ in features, price, and ease of use.

Here are a few critical points you need to look for when selecting AI web builders:

  • Personalized design. Branding is a huge part of every website; therefore, being able to personalize your website by adding elements that capture your brand is an essential feature of AI website builders.
  • Ease of use. Before putting an AI tool to use, you need to check if the tool fits your needs and is easy to use. Most AI website builders offer free plans so users can test their features and see if it’s easy to get the hang of it.
  • Different website types. Different websites require different web designs. An e-commerce website differs from a cooking or SAAS website. All websites require uniquely designed customer journeys, colors, and elements. Ensuring the AI tool can respond to these criteria is important.
  • Price. Make sure the AI website builders are within your budget. Inform yourself which deal is most affordable and what features you will receive for their annual or monthly plans.
  • SSL certificates. Many AI web builders offer a free SSL certificate, so users who access their websites won’t get the “This site is not secure” message.

Comparison of Top AI Website Builders

With so many AI website builders, it can take time to make the right decision.

Based on our criteria, we evaluated one of the best AI website builders on the market to help you decide the best.


wix adi AI website builder

Wix.com has introduced Wix ADI, an AI-powered solution for creating stunning and personalized websites.

By combining advanced technology and design expertise, Wix ADI generates unique designs based on user input.

Wix ADI provides various customization options and gathers relevant content from the web to help users create unique websites. Users can create multiple sections, pages, and layouts and choose from themes, color sets, fonts, and copy variations. Additionally, users can easily customize themes, change layouts, and add beautiful images, sections, and pages to their websites.

Main Features:

  • Customizable colors and font themes.
  • Customize your site without limits by adding pages or elements and integrating apps.
  • There are more than a hundred temples to choose from.

Pricing plans:

wix adi pricing plans


10web ai website builder

10Web is one of the most sought-after AI website builders, as it promises to create your website ten times faster than the "manual way."

10Web asks users a few questions about the website they need and generates an amazing and perfectly responsive website in a few minutes.

Choose a domain name, register it, and select a plan from 10Web with their AI Builder.

Follow the intuitive steps in their portal to generate your website quickly.

The AI Builder assists in creating engaging content, selecting templates, and customizing headers and footers.

Edit the generated content to your liking and then publish your site.

With 10Web, building and launching your website is a breeze.

Main features:

  • Customize content and images.
  • Drag and drop editor.
  • Variety of widgets.
  • Mobile-friendly websites.
  • Different themes, motion effects, and typography.
  • Website and image optimization.

Pricing plans:

10web pricing plans


durable ai website builder

Durable offers affordable subscription plans starting at $12/month for Starter and $20/month for Business.

Each plan includes a website, custom domain, AI Assistant, Invoicing, AI-powered CRM, and more.

You can use your existing domain by making adjustments with your domain provider.

While not specifically designed for e-commerce, successful e-commerce businesses have been launched on Durable.

Websites are secure on the Cloudflare network. Custom domains are free and can be quickly created.

Transferring a website or editing HTML is possible. If you decide to leave Durable, your custom domain can be shared upon request.

Main features:

  • Flexible editor.
  • Editing tools.
  • AI copywriting.
  • SEO.
  • AI CRM.

Pricing plans

durable pricing plans

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bookmark ai website builder

With AiDA, an AI design assistant, creating and optimizing your website is effortless.

It analyzes data points to provide personalized optimization suggestions that can be implemented with a click.

Answer a few questions, and AiDA builds a customized website using machine learning algorithms.

No coding skills are needed. As your site grows, AiDA continuously optimizes it based on your goals and user interaction.

Increase appointments, eCommerce sales, email leads, and phone calls, or focus on specific sections with data-driven suggestions.

Your unique digital journey is supported by AiDA, helping you achieve success.

Main Features:

  • Drag & Drop Editor.
  • Mobile-Ready.
  • SEO Optimized.
  • Video Backgrounds.
  • Free Images & Videos.
  • Edit Images.
  • Custom Forms.
  • Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth.
  • Embed Code.
  • Translations.
  • eCommerce.
  • Advanced Analytics.

Pricing plans

bookmark pricing plans


fronty ai website builder

Fronty is an AI-powered service that converts webpage designs into HTML/CSS code.

Simply upload a screenshot of your design, and Fronty will generate the code for your website.

You can edit your website using their online layout editor and host it on their managed hosting service.

Unlike other website builders, Fronty's AI offers unlimited design options and provides clean and easily manageable code.

Currently, the conversion service is available for free.

Fronty also offers a no-code website builder and integration packages for existing websites.

Payment methods accepted include PayPal, Stripe, and major credit cards, with plans to expand the range of payment options.

Main features:

  • AI-Powered Image to Code Converter.
  • Online layout editor.
  • Website hosting.
  • Custom domain.

Pricing plans

fronty pricing plans

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B12 helps businesses quickly build professional websites optimized for search engines and equipped with payment and client engagement tools.

Their AI-powered design process creates a customized website draft in 60 seconds, refined through collaboration and feedback.

They offer features like online scheduling, contact management, live chat, and SEO blog posts to attract prospects and facilitate communication.

B12 also streamlines invoicing and payments. With expert designers and ongoing support, B12 simplifies establishing an effective online presence for businesses.

Main features:

  • Free hosting.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • Free custom domain.
  • Mobile website editor.

Pricing plans

b12 pricing plans

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To sum Up

Creating a website can be time-consuming, but AI website builders now offer a quick solution.

These powerful and versatile tools provide features like AI content creation, AI writers, social media connectivity, and customizable branding options.

While most builders have paid plans, they also offer free user trials to test their capabilities. These user-friendly and intuitive tools make them accessible to individuals with varying skill levels.

Ultimately, the choice of which builder to use depends on the end user's specific needs.