How to Use ChatGPT in Recruitment [5 Sample Use Cases]

With the rise of AI technology this year, many job positions were made easier, especially with ChatGPT.

If you’re working in recruitment, using ChatGPT can be a real game-changer, especially if you’re trying to make your job easier and soften the hiring process.

There are several advantages you can take to help yourself make the recruitment process much easier - you can use the AI chat to tailor interview questions for your candidates; you can have GPT scan your potential employee’s resume and give key points based on the information you have provided; or you can even ask GPT which one of your many applicants is the best match for the company.

However, it might be overwhelming to keep in touch and write personalized messages for all candidates even after you finish the screening process. GPT can also jump in and save the day with this issue. You can use ChatGPT to write personalized emails or LinkedIn messages and help you build a strong connection during the interview phase.

In this article, we’ll cover 5 ways and sample use cases on how to use ChatGPT in your Recruitment process. Check them out below!

Using ChatGPT to Create the right interview questions

A recruitment process game-changer is using ChatGPT to generate the best interview questions. To help recruiters evaluate a prospect's qualifications and fit for the position, ChatGPT analyzes job descriptions and candidate profiles to generate appropriate question suggestions.

ChatGPT can help recruiters avoid the usual mistake of asking general or pointless questions, which can result in false evaluations of candidates' skills. As an alternative, ChatGPT can provide topics relevant to the position and customized for the applicant's background, leading to a more accurate assessment of their qualifications.

Recruiters can also save time and effort by using ChatGPT to generate interview questions. Recruitment can use ChatGPT's natural language processing skills to rapidly develop a list of essential and targeted questions rather than manually brainstorming topics.

Prompt examples


Please create a list of 20 interview questions for a person applying for the position of a
salesperson with a minimum of 3 years of experience.

The prompt requires a list of 20 interview questions for candidates applying for a salesperson position with a minimum of three years of experience.

The questions should be relevant to the sales industry and focus on understanding the candidate's experience, sales techniques, approach to handling challenges, and ability to build and maintain client relationships. Hence, you’ll need to double-check if all the questions are suitable for this position.

For example, if your company works with software such as Salesforce, you can include that information in your ChatGPT prompt.

As an interviewer, you can ask about the candidate's sales process, negotiation skills, use of data and analytics, adaptability to different customers and industries, and ability to collaborate with other departments.

Using ChatGPT to choose the right name for your job listing

Choosing the appropriate name for your job listing with ChatGPT will help you bring in the best candidates and increase the overall success of your hiring processes. To make relevant and convincing job title suggestions that appropriately reflect the position's tasks and requirements, ChatGPT can examine job descriptions and candidate profiles.

Also, ChatGPT can recommend job titles that contain industry-specific words and phrases to help the job post appear more strongly in search results. This may encourage more qualified applicants to submit applications for the position, improving the hiring process overall.

Using ChatGPT to select the ideal name for your job advertisement will enhance the candidate’s experience, increase the recruitment process efficiency, and draw in the best prospects. Recruiters can ensure that job titles appropriately reflect the responsibilities and skills of each position by utilizing ChatGPT's natural language processing capabilities, ultimately resulting in a more effective hiring approach.

Prompt examples


Give me all the possible names for a job listing for a person that works as a salesperson,
with experience working with Salesforce.

It’s difficult to decide the ideal name for a job listing, especially since so many variations exist. Using this prompt can help get you in the right lane based on the capabilities that are crucial for your new employee.

This prompt entails creating job titles for a salesperson with Salesforce experience. The chat must develop a list of potential job titles that fully capture the duties and skill set needed for the position.

This job demands a solid understanding of Salesforce software and sales and the ability to create job names that would draw in the appropriate applicants. To attract suitable candidates for the position, the ultimate goal is to create a list of potential job titles that can be utilized in a job post.

Using ChatGPT to write engaging emails and LinkedIn messages

Recruiters can ensure that messages are written clearly, concisely, and compellingly by using ChatGPT's natural language processing capabilities. Potential applicants may be drawn in and encouraged to interact with recruiters and learn more about career opportunities as a result of this.

Additionally, ChatGPT can propose messages that use jargon and expressions unique to the business. ChatGPT-created LinkedIn messages can help candidates feel more credible and appealing. This can assist recruiters in building rapport with prospects, ultimately resulting in a more effective hiring procedure.

Prompt examples


Please act as a recruiter and write a Linkedln message to a person applying for the
position "New Business Sales." This is your first time getting in touch with them after they
applied to your job listing.

It often happens for more than 100 people to apply to the same job listing. As a recruiter, you surely want to be on top of your game and get in touch with everyone. This helps you build a stronger connection with your candidates, and it leaves a nice impression of the company you work for.

Hence, we created a LinkedIn message prompt to help you out. The message should express appreciation for their interest in the position, highlight the candidate’s relevant skills and experience, and invite them to a brief phone interview to discuss their application further.

The goal is to encourage the candidate to continue their interest in the position and to schedule a call to learn more about their qualifications for the role.


Please act as a recruiter and write an email to a person applying for the position "New
Business Sales." This is your first time getting in touch with them after they applied to
your job listing.

You can also check out our email prompt if you use email to communicate with your potential candidates. Even though the context is quite similar, ChatGPT can help out in creating a more appealing subject line.

Using ChatGPT to find out average salaries and market prospect

Recruiters can get insightful knowledge of the employment market and support data-driven decision-making by using ChatGPT to learn about average salaries and market prospects. ChatGPT can assess candidate profiles and job descriptions for particular job titles and industries to recommend market prospects and average salary.

Additionally, ChatGPT can make recommendations for market trends and insights that might assist recruiters in staying up to date with changes in their sector. This can assist hiring managers in recognizing potential growth and opportunity areas, ultimately resulting in a more effective hiring procedure.

Also, the candidate experience can be enhanced by using ChatGPT to learn about market prospects and average salaries. Recruiters can attract and keep top talent by providing competitive compensation packages and being aware of market trends, which will ultimately result in a more effective recruitment process.

Prompt examples


Please give me information on the average salary and market prospects for salespeople
job positions in the US. Make sure to point out both yearly and monthly salaries.

Using ChatGPT to summarize candidates’ resumes

With the increasing volume of job applications and resumes, recruiters and hiring managers often face the challenge of sifting through large amounts of information to find the most qualified candidates. ChatGPT, can be used to assist in summarizing candidate resumes and identifying key information that matches job requirements.

ChatGPT can be trained on large datasets of resumes and job descriptions, allowing it to understand the important keywords and phrases relevant to specific industries and job roles. This understanding can be used to summarize resumes by highlighting key skills, experiences, and qualifications that match the requirements of a particular job.

Prompt examples

Analyze this resume, give me a summary, and create three perfect interview questions for
the position "New Business Sales" with a minimum of 3 ears of experience. [Insert your resume here.]


Note: The resume used in this prompt is a resume sample found online. Any similarity to real people is a coincidence.



In conclusion, ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can be leveraged in recruitment to improve and soften the hiring process, improve candidate experience, and reduce the workload of recruiters.

By using ChatGPT to summarize resumes, recruiters can quickly and efficiently screen candidates and identify those with the most relevant skills and experience for a given role.

Additionally, ChatGPT can be used to automate initial candidate outreach, schedule interviews, and give insights on important segments of the hiring process.

Overall, ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize the recruitment process and help companies find the best candidates for their open positions.

How does ChatGPT assist in creating effective interview questions for recruitment?

ChatGPT can analyze job descriptions and candidate profiles to generate relevant and targeted interview questions. By focusing on the applicant's background and the specific requirements of the position, ChatGPT helps recruiters avoid asking generic or irrelevant questions, leading to more accurate assessments of candidate qualifications.

How can ChatGPT be used to optimize job listings for recruitment purposes?

ChatGPT can suggest appropriate job titles that accurately reflect the responsibilities and skills required for a position. By incorporating industry-specific keywords and phrases, it can enhance the visibility of job listings in search results, attracting more qualified candidates to apply for the role.

In what ways can ChatGPT aid in writing engaging communication for recruiters?

ChatGPT can help recruiters craft compelling messages using industry-specific language to effectively communicate with potential candidates. Whether it's drafting engaging emails or personalized LinkedIn messages, ChatGPT's natural language processing capabilities assist in building rapport with candidates and improving the overall hiring process.

How does ChatGPT contribute to understanding market prospects and average salaries in the recruitment field?

ChatGPT can provide insights into the employment market by analyzing candidate profiles and job descriptions, offering recommendations for average salaries and market trends. This enables recruiters to make informed decisions and offer competitive compensation packages, ultimately enhancing the candidate experience and improving the recruitment process.

How does ChatGPT simplify the process of resume screening and candidate evaluation?

ChatGPT can summarize resumes by extracting key information and identifying relevant qualifications that match specific job requirements. By automating the initial screening process, recruiters can efficiently identify the most qualified candidates, streamlining the hiring process and saving valuable time and effort.