How to Enable and Use Custom Instructions for ChatGPT

Written by Tanja Lepcheska AI for Business & Education

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ChatGPT just released a new feature called 'Custom Instructions,' which eliminates the need for users to repeat common instructions.

This article tackles all important aspects of this new feature and how one can use it to their benefit.

Keep on reading if you are interested to find out.

Note: Currently, the custom instructions feature for ChatGPT is only available in Beta for Plus subscription users, but OpenAI said it will be available to all users in the coming weeks. Also, this feature has yet to be available in the UK and EU.

What is the Custom instructions feature for ChatGPT?

The Custom instruction for ChatGPT is a feature that allows customization of ChatGPT’s responses based on the user’s preferences. It can be changed or deleted anytime for future conversations.

This beta feature for ChatGPT enables the chatbot to remember key details with less prompt repetition.

ChatGPT Custom instructions feature

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How to enable the Custom instructions features for ChatGPT


  1. Go to your ChatGPT account.
  2. Click on the three vertical dots next to your username.
  3. Click ‘Settings and Beta.’

Click 'Settings & Beta'

  1. Click on ‘Beta features.’

Click 'Beta features'

  1. Toggle on the ‘Custom instructions’ button.

Toggle on the Custom instructions feature


Navigate to ‘Settings,’ go to ‘New Features,’ and turn on Custom instructions.

They will appear in Settings.

How to use the ChatGPT Custom Instructions feature

Once you’ve enabled the Custom Instructions feature, you can use it anytime you want. It all starts by clicking on Custom instructions in Settings.

Here are some examples of how OpenAI suggests users can use this feature.

  • Example #1 For lesson planning

Custom instructions for lesson learning

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  • Example #2 For Code generation

Custom instructions for coding

Custom instructions for coding

  • Example #3 For a grocery list

Custom instructions for grocery list

Another good thing to know when adding instruction is that this feature can also help you enhance your experience with the plugins by sharing relevant information with the ones you use.

OpenAI gave us a good example for this too; for instance, you specify the city you live in within your custom instructions and use a plugin that helps you make restaurant reservations; the model might include that city when it calls the plugin.

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ChatGPT custom instructions example

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The safety and privacy aspect of the Custom instructions for ChatGPT

Open AI claimed they’d introduced safety measures concerning the new ways users can instruct the model. They claim that their Moderation API is meant to help ensure instructions are not saved if they violate their Usage Policies.

Also, the model might reject custom instructions that lead to responses that violate their usage policies.


Now that you know how to enable the Custom Instructions feature for ChatGPT, you should also remember that the chatbot won’t always interpret custom instructions well since it is still in the beta period.

Sometimes, it will overlook instructions or apply them when it shouldn’t.

Hopefully, this guide helped you understand what this feature means and how you can use it based on the given examples we shared.