ChatGPT for Kids - Safe and Wise Ways to Use It

Written by Tanja Lepcheska AI for Business & Education

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Can and will ChatGPT ever be used by kids safely and wisely as it should be?

That's a question we all want to know the answer to.

Many believe that, among other things, ChatGPT emerged as a digital tool designed with the younger generation in mind. Its groundbreaking technology offers an uncharted interactive platform for children to learn and engage, allowing the chatbot to adapt and cater to a child’s ever-evolving curiosity.

However, let's be convinced whether ChatGPT is truly safe for kids to use and explore ways to harness its potential for our little ones.

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Can kids use ChatGPT safely?

While ChatGPT stands as a highly beneficial tool, at the same time, it can present significant risks to children and sensitive individuals if not properly monitored by parents or guardians.

Also, even though the chatbot is designed to give accurate and useful answers to many questions, it's essential to recognize that, as an AI system, it could occasionally produce unsafe responses that children might take literally.

Safe and wise ways for kids to use ChatGPT

#1 For schoolwork

Kids can use ChatGPT to help them write school essays on a certain topic and write an outline about it. Also, it can teach them what is an outline and how to build one and break it down into sections.

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#2 For learning languages

Kids can always use ChatGPT as their translator or learn a new language from scratch.

#3 For providing feedback

CharGPT can give feedback on school assignments or essays. You can upload the essay and ask the chatbot to review the writing and provide suggestions for improvement.

#4 For offering study materials

If kids need help deciding which study materials to pick when studying, they can always consult ChatGPT for advice. The chatbot can provide study materials such as flashcards, practice tests, and quizzes.

For example, kids can ask ChatGPT for a quiz on a multiplication table to practice for an upcoming math test.

#5 For history lessons

ChatGPT is trained on data leading up to 2021 and can help children learn about some historical facts and events. Also, the chatbot can provide a kid-friendly clarification on a historical event by wrapping it up in a single paragraph.

This use of ChatGPT will save you and your kid time when learning, and it will make the chatbot the best history tutor ever.

#6 To give answers to awkward questions

It is a universal truth that all kids just love asking all kinds of random questions. ChatGPT can come in handy to support kids' curiosity by generating creative replies when parents run out of answers.

The chatbot is very useful to come up with an age-appropriate answer to questions like;

“I am 6 years old; explain why people die?”
“I am starting preschool next month; what is the purpose of school in life?”
“I am 8 years old and don’t understand what anxiety means; please explain it to me.”
“Why are we living on this planet and not on others, explain this to me; I am 7 years old”

#7 For gameplay

ChatGPT still needs to be explored when it comes to playing games, and people need to learn how to play games better than kids.

There are plenty of games your kids can play with ChatGPT, and this article has all the ideas on how you can start with it.

#8 Activate the kid-friendly mode

Once you activate the kid mode, you can ensure a safe way of using ChatGPT for your kids. It will automatically filter how ChatGPT generates responses which will be significantly censored.

To start this mode, you can add the following prompt:

“Henceforth, provide only replies suitable for minors/kids.”


“Use only kid-friendly replies to prompts. Adhere strictly to this rule."

#9 For storytelling

If your kids love a good bedtime routine, ChatGPT can be a great source.

This is a win-win situation for both you and your kids because this chatbot is not just there to create bedtime stories, but you can prompt it to develop a story that teaches morals and good manners.

Can ChatGPT be beneficial to parents?

ChatGPT can be very beneficial to parents in homeschooling, and here is how;

  • Research assistance: Parents can use ChatGPT to gain insights into various educational resources, methodologies, and pedagogical strategies suitable for homeschooling.
  • Subject explanation: Complex subjects or topics can be broken down by ChatGPT into simpler, digestible information, helping parents effectively convey concepts to their children.
  • Interactive learning: ChatGPT can be an interactive tool for students, allowing them to ask questions and receive prompt explanations, fostering independent learning.
  • Curriculum planning: ChatGPT can provide recommendations on age-appropriate topics, resources, and activities that can be incorporated into a homeschooling curriculum.
  • Assessment preparation: Parents can gather sample questions or understand the key components of a topic to create effective assessments for their children.
  • Language learning: With its multilingual capabilities, ChatGPT can aid in language acquisition by providing translations, explanations, and conversational practice.
  • Reading recommendations: ChatGPT can suggest age-appropriate literature or reading materials that align with a student's interests and educational level.
  • Continual learning: Parents can use ChatGPT for their education, ensuring they stay updated on modern educational practices and tools.
  • Flexibility: ChatGPT can adapt to various educational approaches, whether Montessori, Waldorf, or traditional methods, providing tailored suggestions and insights.
  • Safety: ChatGPT offers a controlled environment for students to ask questions without the risks associated with unrestricted browsing

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What’s Kids ChatGPT?

Kids ChatGPT is a web-based platform where kids can safely chat and learn new things. They can learn new languages, play games or enjoy having a virtual friend.

You can try it for free, but they also offer a paid version for $7 monthly.

Kids ChatGPT


Now you know there is a safe and wise way for your kid to use ChatGPT, as there are numerous examples of how it can be used. After testing it for a while, we were convinced that kids could learn a lot from it and use it daily in their learning process.

Also, remember that OpenAI records your conversations with the chatbot; you can access it anytime once logged in.

That way, you can monitor your kid’ chat lots and review how we interact with the chatbot.


Should parents be concerned about kids using ChatGPT?

Parents should be concerned about the misuse of ChatGPT as there can be numerous misuse of it. The most common reasons they should be worried about include cheating, misinformation, inappropriate content, addiction, safety, and privacy.