I Played Quiz With ChatGPT! It's Awesome

Written by Tanja Lepcheska AI for Entertainment

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We can all agree that quizzes are one of the most interactive games people like to play.

If you like quizzes too and if you are looking for a fun and engaging way to kill time, playing quizzes with the chatbot ChatGPT is a must-try.

Traditionally, quizzes are these games that can cover various topics and encourage social interaction, enabling people to connect. But have you thought about playing a quiz with a ChatGPT?!

I was very triggered to play a quiz game with ChatGPT, and I am sharing how it went in this blog post.

Keep reading to see which prompts I used for that, plus some other cool games you can plan in ChatGPT.

You’ll be surprised how much fun you might have with it.

The quiz game I played with ChatGPT

Honestly, I wasn’t convinced I could play such a good quiz with ChatGPT on a certain topic, but I was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out.

You’ll see that it is a Trivia quiz game, the questions are straightforward, and ChatGPT keeps asking you new questions as long as you provide answers. Plus, it will tell you if you are right or wrong.

Here are some of the prompts I used and how it all started:

Prompt: “Let's play a quiz where you ask me questions in the field of movies. You must provide me with three options (A, B, or C).”

ChatGPT prompt trivia quiz query

Prompt 2: “Let's play a quiz where you ask me random general knowledge questions that you think all people should know in their 30s.”

ChatGPT prompt for a quiz

And you can go like this till whenever you want, till you are bored. ChatGPT will keep on asking you random questions, and the most interesting part is that you’ll be surprised at how much you knew and didn’t know till that moment. 🙂

Prompt: “Let's play any kind of quiz game you like; just keep asking me things to see my intelligence level or IQ level.”ChatGPT prompt 3 quizz

Other cool games you can play with ChatGPT


Tic-tac-toe is a well-known game played on a three-by-three grid, where players take turns marking X or O symbols to form a winning row.

However, initiating a tic-tac-toe game with ChatGPT can be challenging as it assumes two players are involved and only conducts the game. It might occasionally provide a brief explanation of the game and its rules.

You can start the Tic-Tac-Toe game by adding the following prompt:

“Let’s play the Tic-Tac-Toe game. You go first.”

ChatGPT prompt for Tic Tac Toe game quiz

Word Ladder

The Word Ladder game is a puzzle word game that can be solved using ChatGPT. You can either have ChatGPT provide a puzzle to solve or challenge it with your puzzle.

To play, you start by giving ChatGPT two words, "pop" and "cat." The objective is to modify the first word, changing one character at a time until you reach the second word. For example, the solution for "pop" to "cat" would be pop, pot, cot, and cat.

To start playing this game, you need to create valid words by modifying a single letter at a time. Here is an example prompt you can use to start playing:

“Let’s play Word Ladder. You go first.”

ChatGPT prompt for word ladder quiz game

Word Chain

This game might seem too easy to start; however, if you add the right prompt, it wouldn’t seem quick and easy to solve.

For example, you can add a prompt like the following:

“Let’s play the Word Chain game. I’ll start with the first word, and we’ll keep going back and forth until we can’t think of any more related words.”

ChatGPT prompt for word chain quiz game

Then, I wanted to guide it so we could make the game even more interesting, so I added the following prompt:

“You got my point, but I was thinking of maybe working with creating words from those last letters related to the initial word if you get my point.”

Word Chain game on ChatGPT

As you can see, ChatGPT was very smart and completely understood my point, and we proceeded from there.

ChatGPT quiz responses

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Mad Libs Word Game

This game is another word game where ChatGPT prompts the player to provide words from various categories like verbs, nouns, adjectives, and more. It then uses these words to create a story.

While it may not be the most captivating game, Mad Libs is quite popular, and the stories generated by ChatGPT can be amusing and peculiar.

You can start playing by simply adding this prompt as an example:

“Let’s play Mad Libs; the topic should be makeup brands.”

ChatGPT prompt for Mad Libs quiz game

Guess Who

When using ChatGPT for guessing games, you can utilize a yes-or-no format to have it guess a character or movie name. If the chatbot becomes unsure, it will ask for a hint. However, ChatGPT wasn't specifically designed for play mode, so rather than requesting a 20-question or guessing game outright, describing the gameplay beforehand is more effective.

To start the game, you must insert the following prompt:

"You are a text-based video game where you provide options (A, B, C, and D). Harry Potter is the scene. I have 100 health at the beginning. You may add more options."

ChatGPT prompt for Guess Who quiz game


ChatGPT doesn’t have hangman graphics, but the game can still be played in a text-based format.

Add the following prompt to start playing this game:

Prompt: “Let’s play Hangman in the topic animals. You go first.”

ChatGPT prompt for Hangman quiz game

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How to create a Trivia quiz in ChatGPT to target email campaigns?

For those who didn’t know, crafting Trivia quiz questions that align with business objectives and providing engaging content to customers can tap into their natural inclination for competition, challenge, learning, and entertainment.

This approach stimulates curiosity and encourages users to return for more. Trivia quizzes also allow businesses to gather valuable customer information for segmentation, personalized messaging, and automated email campaigns.

A good example is BuzzFeed’s effective use of interactive content with the “How Picky of an Eater Are You?”. It demonstrates how quizzes can be enjoyable, relatable, and easily shared, increasing user engagement and enhancing your brand's visibility.

Based on your business preferences and what you want to achieve, you can adjust the prompt so that ChatGPT creates the right questions that align with your business goals.

I tried it with this prompt, and it gave me some very cool suggestions:

“Can you create trivia quiz questions with handmade crocheted bags for my business? I want to target an email campaign, so I need several suggestions.”

ChatGPT quiz questions for email campaign marketing


Hopefully, this article inspired you to play a quiz on ChatGPT other than for other things you might use for, such as brainstorming, creating chat-up lines for your Tinder dates, writing your resume, or even picking up a makeup look for you.

There are too many good options to have fun with it and play the game you like, based on your preferences, as long as you prompt it well.

In whatever game you choose to play, I wish you fun in every single moment of it!