Can ChatGPT Pick Your Makeup?! Let's See...

Written by Tanja Lepcheska We Tested

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ChatGPT and AI are becoming hot topics in the beauty industry thanks to their natural language processing (NLP) capabilities.

We were eager to understand how a chatbot could respond to us when we prompt with anything beauty or makeup related, hoping it would provide us with step-by-step guidelines on picking our makeup for the day and creating the trendy look we wanted.

Our quest on this topic started with only how to use ChatGPT for makeup, but on the way, we discovered that it could do much more with it. For instance, we find out that it can also create personalized product recommendations based on our skin type preferences, beauty routines for problematic skin, or even create a beauty brand with a full-on marketing strategy.

The possibilities for using it are endless, and here, we’ll tackle some of the most interesting ones.

How you can use ChatGPT to pick your makeup look

If you have been using ChatGPT for all sorts of things so far, for example, to help you write your resume, brainstorm, or for dating, you can also use it to give you ideas, tips, and valid suggestions on makeup.

We were curious to see whether this works and tested it on some cool prompts we’ll share here.

Take a look, and you may be inspired for your future makeup look.

Prompt 1: Give me a step-by-step guidelines for a makeup look with ultra-glossy cheekbones for the upcoming summer.

ChatGPT prompt for ultra glossy cheekbones

Prompt 2: Which products should I use to create a black smokey-eyes look? Give me a list of products I need to create that look and explain every step of the way in detail to be able to create that look.

ChatGPT prompt on creating a smokey eye makeup lookChatGPT on smokey eye makeup look steps

Prompt 3: Give me an explanation of what is the fresh skin makeup trend and how I can achieve that. Give me product examples that I can use to create that look.

ChatGPT prompt for fresh-skin look

Prompt: Give me step-by-step guidelines on how to create a dramatic makeup look with vibrant colors and eyeshadows, juicy lips, and an overall statement look for a wedding.

ChatGPT prompt on dramatic lookChatGPT prompt on dramatic look 2

YouTubers and TickTokers who tested ChatGPT on creating a makeup look for them

We asked ChatGPT which are the top 3 makeup brands in 2023

Even though this might be true, based on what ChatGPT estimated, it might also not be fully true since these brands can vary.

ChatGPT on the top 3 makeup brands for 2023

We asked ChatGPT which are the top 3 skin-care brands in 2023

But, since it responded that training only goes up until September 2021 and can’t give us real data on market ratings for skincare brands in 2023, we shouldn’t trust it fully.

ChatGPT prompt for top 3 skin-care brands

We asked ChatGPT to design a big beauty brand

The prompt we used:

“Design a beauty brand that could potentially be the next 'it' brand in the beauty industry. Also, give me a bullet-point marketing strategy to use when launching it. The makeup brand targets young girls aged 15-23. I want it to be a brand that they can afford and want to use daily and also for specific events or gatherings.”

ChatGPT response on creating a beauty brandChatGPT answer on creating a beauty brand (marketing strategy)

We can all agree that the answer it gave us wasn’t bad at all. On the contrary, everything mentioned is valid and exists when creating brands. You can customize it even more based on your requirements, give details on what you want to focus on, and make it work for you.

Quick Note: The better the prompt description you’ll give, the better the results it will provide.

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Bonus: Examples of beauty and skincare prompts to try on ChatGPT

Prompt: How can I fight textured skin with large pores?

Prompt: I have rosacea on my cheeks, and it gets worse with age, give me a routine and beauty brand examples that I can use to combat that.

Prompt: What are the most common mistakes people with dry skin make?

Prompt: How can I prepare my skin before sun exposure?

Prompt: Which are the best natural ingredients for all skin types for glowing skin?

Prompt: How to choose the most suitable skincare routine for your skin type?

Prompt: I am in my mid-30s; give me a simple and easy makeup routine that would make me look natural yet put together.

Prompt: Which skin types can use beauty products containing acids, and is it safe daily?

Prompt: I have oily skin. Should I use oily serums in my beauty routines and which ones should I use?

How can ChatGPT assist beauty and personal care companies

Upscale skincare label Dermalogica recently introduced a ChatGPT rendition of their "Dermalogica: The Book" skincare therapy guide, a training tool for professional skincare therapists.

The company's broader strategy of incorporating technology is designed to empower its employees to utilize AI, not be supplanted by it.

This integration allows professional skincare therapists to receive immediate, tailored responses to queries on the brand's official website, enhancing their knowledge about Dermalogica's products, usage, and salon arrangement.

In an interview for the beauty and wellness magazine, Glossy, Aurelian Lis, the Global CEO of Dermalogica, emphasized that while AI will not replace touch-based skin care services, therapists must upgrade their skills with emerging tech tools. He aspires for his team to lead the AI revolution in the beauty industry rather than merely following it.

Let’s ask it ….

Prompt: Can you predict the upcoming makeup and beauty trends

ChatGPT on the future of beauty and makeup trends

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Final words

You should always take advantage of an opportunity to try a new makeup trend, and ChatGPT can be a good assistance tool to help you achieve that.

After testing it on some prompts regarding makeup and beauty, it works and is already shifting the beauty industry and can pick up a makeup look for us whenever we want it.

What we found the most interesting is that even though it tells us that it cannot predict the future makeup and beauty trends for the upcoming period, it gives us valid points on what might be true, and that is sustainability, clean beauty, skin minimalism, personalized products, tech-integrated beauty, and inclusivity.

Hopefully, this article gave you an insight into what you can also do with ChatGPT. Who knows, maybe we'll inspire you with some prompts to create a makeup look or help you find a skin-care routine that might work for you.