StarryAI vs. Diffusion Art - Which One is Better for You?

Written by Emilija Anchevska We Tested

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If you're looking for an affordable option to generate AI images, StarryAI and Diffusion Art are both great choices.

They are popular among users who got excited about AI, thanks to MidJourney and ChatGPT.

But which is better regarding features, results, and ease of use?

This article will answer these questions to help you decide which is right.

So, let's get started!

StarryAI vs. Diffusion Art Comparison Table

Features and Capabilities


Diffusion Art

Prompt builder



Style library



Canvas size selection



Upscaling option



Variation creation



Photo Upload




Clean and simple interface

Glitchy interface, confusion with model selection, two prompt fields


Few minutes to generate an image

It takes a few minutes to generate an image


Paid service (5 free daily credits)

Free AI art generator

Features and Capabilities

StarryAI and Diffusion Art are text-to-image AI generators that offer similar features.

Both apps are web-based and provide a similar approach to creating AI artwork.

StarryAI offers a variety of features, including a prompt builder, a style library, options for selecting canvas size, an upscaling option, an opportunity for creating variations, and the ability to upload photos.

StarryAI ai image generating tool

Diffusion Art has several advanced AI models, including Dreamlike, Protogen, Picasso Diffusio, Opnejourney, and many more. Users can select a style and enter a text prompt or use the Magic prompt option to generate prompts automatically and receive an image.

Diffusion Art ai image generating tool

StarryAI uses two AI models, Altair and Orion, to create art. Altair uses a model called VQGAN-CLIP to make images, while Orion uses a CLIP-Guided Diffusion technique to develop pictures.

Diffusion Art, on the other hand, uses the stable diffusion model to generate images.


At first glance, StarryAI and Diffusion Art appear to be similar AI image generators, with their options conveniently displayed on the left side of the user's view.

However, there are notable differences when it comes to using these tools.

When using Diffusion Art, the webpage may glitch and give a negative impression of the tool. Moreover, Diffusion Art's advanced AI features can confuse new users who may not understand the meaning behind the models.

Diffusion Art also has two fields for entering prompts, which can further complicate the image creation process. One field is for text prompts, while the other is for prompt building.

In contrast, StarryAI has a clean and simple user interface and a prompt builder that is conveniently located beneath the field for entering prompts, which makes it less confusing. Furthermore, users can easily select their preferred styles, and the AI tool automatically adds them to the prompt box.

Performance and Results

In this test, both tools were given the same prompt.

Prompt: A girl sitting by the sea holding tulips in her right hand

Diffusion Art results:

Diffusion Art generated image

StarryAI results:

girl generated with StarryAI


Compared side by side, Diffusion Art gave more realistic results.

I also chose the Dreamlike Photo model when I created the image using Diffuson Art, while with StarryAI, I chose the library's 8K, 3D style.

I aimed to create more realistic images based on the prompt, so Diffusion Art won this round.

Regarding speed, both tools took a few minutes to generate the image. In addition, with SarrtyAI, I received four variations of the images, while with Difussion Art, only two are exactly the same.

If you want to learn more about these AI tools and how to create stunning images, check out our other comparison guides, StarryAI vs. Midjourney and Diffusion Art vs. Dreamlike Art.

Pricing and Support

Diffusion Art is a free AI art generator, while SarryAI has free and paid plans. The free program includes five daily credits, and the paid plans go from $8.99 to $63.99 a month.

StarryAI also offers live customer support, while Diffusion Art has published an email address at the bottom of the page.

To Sum Up

StarryAI and Diffusion Art are both web-based text-to-image AI generators.

StarryAI offers a variety of features, such as prompt building, style library, canvas size selection, upscaling, variation creation, and photo upload.

It uses two AI models, Altair and Orion, to create art.

On the other hand, Diffusion Art has advanced AI models like Dreamlike, Protogen, Picasso Diffusio, Opnejourney, and more.

Diffusion Art provides more realistic results according to the test mentioned. Both tools take a few minutes to generate images, but StarryAI provides more variations.

Diffusion Art is free, while StarryAI offers five free credits daily.