StarryAI vs. Midjourney- Which One is Better for You?

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Midjourney and StarryAI are excellent image generators but differ in approach and features. 

Midjourney offers a unique Discord-based user experience, while StarryAi provides an intuitive web-based interface with pre-built features that simplify image creation.

Since the advent of Midjourney, several similar AI text-to-image generators have emerged on the market due to the high interest of users looking for ways to create amazing images quickly.

One such platform is StarryAI, which has gained popularity among users experimenting with Midjourney and other similar tools.

Midjourney and StarryAI are today's most popular AI text-to-image generators, offering unique features, capabilities, and user experiences.

In this article, we will compare these two platforms in detail to help readers determine which one is better suited for their needs.

From features and capabilities to user-friendliness, performance, pricing, and support, we will provide an in-depth analysis of these two AI image-generation tools so that you can make an informed decision when choosing between Midjourney and StarryAI.

Comparison Table

midjourney vs starryai comparison table

Features and Capabilities

Midjourney and StarryAI are two image-generating tools with similar features. Both tools require users to provide text prompts to generate images with options to upscale them. However, the main difference between them lies in their user interface.

Midjourney uses Discord instead of a traditional web-based app interface, which may seem unusual for users unfamiliar with Discord.

Midjourney Discord

On the other hand, StarryAI has an intuitive web-based app interface with pre-built features that simplify image creation for users who find it difficult to describe specific details.

Starryai interface

To illustrate the differences in their approach, let's consider an example prompt for each tool. Suppose you want a hyper-realistic image of a girl.

In Midjourney, you must describe the specific attributes that contribute to a super-realistic image.

Midjourney prompt

While, StarryAI offers pre-built styles and features, making it easier to achieve the desired result without describing every detail.

Starryai styles and prompt

While both tools provide similar features, StarryAI offers ready-made features such as size and styles, making it easier to apply them to images. Both tools have options for generating variations of an image and upscaling it. StarryAI has a social media feature that allows users to follow other creators.

Midjourney and StarryAI are excellent image generators but differ in approach and features.

Midjourney offers a unique Discord-based user experience, while StarryAi provides an intuitive web-based interface with pre-built features that simplify image creation.

‍Lastly, StarryAI provides five free photos that are renewed every day. Midjourney, on the other hand, stopped offering a free trial.

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The user-friendliness of these image-generating tools is subjective and dependent on the end user's experience and familiarity with such software.

For most users, the web-based interface of StarryAI may appear easier to navigate initially compared to Midjourney, which requires the use of Discord.

However, with a few tutorials, Midjourney can be easy to use. Users need to type in "/imagine" and write their prompt. The images will appear in the chat, and the upscaled ones will be in the Discord inbox.

StarryAI's pre-built features make applying various styles and sizes easier, which can help users quickly create the image they have in mind. This makes StarryAI more accessible to beginners, whereas Midjourney requires more detailed descriptions to generate the desired image and understand how Discord works.

MidJourney is relatively easy to get the hang of. Still, StarryAI is far easier to understand and navigate, especially if you are a beginner and need help specifying what is on your mind.

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Performance and Results

Midjourney is a remarkable AI image generator that can accurately create images based on the user's prompts.

Although StarryAI produces satisfactory results, its image-generation abilities cannot compare to the exceptional capabilities of Midjourney.

Below are the outputs of both tools when given the same prompt.

  • The prompt: Hyperrealistic girl with brown hair and brown eyes, textured skin, blue under eyes, red lips, and an oval face.

StaryyAi results:

Starryai ai image generated


midjurney ai image generated girl

Pricing and Support

Recently, Midjourney has stopped providing a free trial for its users.

However, StarryAI offers its users five credits daily and provides online customer support.

Midjourney offers three types of paid plans, Basic, Standard, and Pro, that users can pay either monthly or manually.

Basic Plan

Standard Plan

Pro Plan

Monthly price




Annual price


($8 / month)


($24 / month)


($48 / month)

Starryai also offers three plans:

Starter Plan

Unlimited Pro

Unlimited Pro Max







Midjourney has a customer support channel on Discord where users can ask questions and receive assistance.

Those who have paid can use a member-support channel to address concerns and get help.

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Midjourney uses a Discord-based interface, which may take some time to get used to, but it offers exceptional image-generation abilities that produce accurate and detailed results. StarryAI, on the other hand, has an intuitive web-based interface with pre-built features that simplify image creation for beginners.

While both tools have similar features, StarryAI offers more user-friendly features, such as size and styles, that are easier to apply to images. StarryAI provides five free photos daily, while Midjourney stopped its free trial.

Regarding performance and results, Midjourney outperforms StarryAI in generating accurate and hyper-realistic images based on user prompts.

Ultimately, the choice between Midjourney and StarryAI depends on the user's preferences and needs. If accuracy and hyper-realism are top priorities, then Midjourney is the clear winner. However, for beginners who need an easy-to-use platform with pre-built features, StarryAI may be the better option.