Can ChatGPT Be Your Fashion Stylist? Absolutely Yes!

Written by Tanja Lepcheska AI for Entertainment

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We live in times when artificial intelligence has become a common practice to assist us in all kinds of day-to-day tasks.

That said, since people use chatbots for various things, why not use them for fashion advice too?

I use ChatGPT for brainstorming, writing, and sometimes for help with my Tinder matches, and I could add up one more use of it, this time, test it to be my fashion stylist.

This post will demonstrate how I used ChatGPT as my fashion stylist. Plus, I added some other interesting aspects of how it can be used in fashion in general.

Without further ado, let's get this ChatGPT fashion started!

How to use ChatGPT as your fashion stylist

Based on your style preferences, you can use ChatGPT as your stylist any way you like and add all kinds of fashion prompts, whether just for clothing or accessories.

Here are some of the prompts I used which may serve as an inspiration:

Prompt: “I am in my early 30s,' and I still haven't figured out my style completely. What do you suggest it's trendy to wear yet appropriate for my age?”

Prompt 1

As you can see, this was very broad, so I proceeded with the following prompt:

“This is very broad for me, so I need something more specific like you pulling out clothing combinations every day of the week. Can you do that, please?

Prompt 10

Prompt: “Which style should I consider the most in my 30's? I like my youthful side very much, and I like to experiment, but I also like timeless statement pieces. Can you give me some style suggestions that I can test out?”

Prompt 13

Prompt: “What are the most trendy staple jewelry and accessories now? Give me suggestions and clothing combinations that would go with those pieces.”

Prompt 6

Prompt: “Can you pick up a look for me for my brother's wedding? I want to look glamorous and fresh, yet I want a youthful look that would resonate with gen z's. Put the style looks in bullet points, every piece in a separate bullet point.”

Prompt 5

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I was triggered to know whether ChatGPT can predict the next (IT) piece/s in fashion, and I was very happy with how it responded.

These are the prompts I used:

Prompt: “If you could pick two clothing pieces, what will the next trendy pieces be in fashion for the upcoming year?”

Prompt 15

Prompt: “What was the most fashionable piece in 2000, and what did people like to wear the most in the early 2000s'"

Prompt 2

Prompt: “What will be the next trendy accessory piece to wear in the upcoming season?”

Prompt 4

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How can fashion brands use ChatGPT?

ChatGPT has great potential to be used for fashion brands, and here is how it can and is used for:

  • Customized product suggestions

Chat GPT models can transform how products are matched with customers by offering customized fashion suggestions. By leveraging information on fashion trends, styles, body types, and individual preferences, chatbots can create personalized recommendations for users based on their unique fashion sense, preferred brands, and specific requirements for clothing or accessories.

This personalized approach is expected to offer more pertinent and valuable guidance, leading to an enhanced shopping experience for consumers that is both enjoyable and efficient.

  • Providing valid product descriptions

Chat GPT models can also speed up workflows by generating great product descriptions for clothing, shoes, and accessories. These descriptions can be used for e-commerce or marketing, providing detailed information about a product and its features without manual labor.

  • Creation of social media content

By training the model on an extensive collection of human-generated content, such as social media posts from fashion brands or influencers, it can grasp the language, tone, and style commonly found in such content.

This enables the model to produce tailored content for a specific brand or user, including personalized product recommendations that align with the customer's preferences.

  • Customer support

Brands prioritizing swift and efficient customer support will likely invest in this technology or similar alternatives, as it enables round-the-clock assistance without requiring an entire team.

Training the Chat GPT model on a comprehensive dataset of human-generated customer support interactions can simulate human-like responses. This dataset can encompass various customer inquiries and corresponding answers, such as those typically handled by a customer service team at a fashion brand.

Training the Chat GPT model with this dataset helps it acquire the language, tone, and style of human customer support interactions, thereby enhancing the authenticity of the generated responses.

You can use ChatGPT to gain valuable fashion knowledge from around the globe. Here are some of the prompts I used to access data I was interested in:

Prompt: “When was the fashion brand Prada launched for the first time, in which city, and what is the name of its founder?”

Prompt 8

Prompt: “What was the first brand introducing leather pants as everyday wear?”

Prompt 7

Prompt: “What was the first collection of clothing in the fashion brand Gucci and in which year did they gain popularity?”

Prompt 16

Summing up

Now you know that you can completely rely on ChatGPT for fashion tips because it gives reliable guidance and information based on facts. It is trained on enormous data and knows what is in and out of fashion, so why not test it today?

You might be surprised how good of a look it can create for you, regardless of the occasion.


What fashion brands are using ChatGPT?

Fashion brands like Zara, Adidas, Gucci, and Prada are among the top brands that use AI to launch their virtual collections in 2022. They use ChatGPT for their content creation.