I Tried to Tell 3 Funny Stories to People Using ChatGPT on Tinder

Well, guys, it finally happened. I think I have officially lost it while trying to broaden the horizons of what ChatGPT is actually capable of. And turns out its horizons are seemingly very broad.

Okay, don’t judge me, but I am certainly not single enough to use Tinder as a place to test this power bot’s abilities. I did it and didn’t regret it at all because it was all so funny and ridiculous to me.

So, boys and girls, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of weird dating chat-up lines and even weirder people and test this out. Hopefully, I will have some great results and even greater feedback.

Warming Up!

Warming Up

Honestly, I didn’t know how rusty my pick-up game was until I actually made a Tinder account and tried to initiate a conversation with a person.

I know, I know; I am all up for equality and girls texting first, but I won’t say that I wasn’t feeling stuck on the first sentence for a while. So, ChatGPT helped as much as it can, and believe me, it can do some crazy stuff.

Story No.1

Let me start this in a truly romantic fashion with a poem. So, I met this guy, and damn, he was fine, Tinder's jackpot, a face way too divine.

But too bad, I had to dip, my intentions malign, It was all a test for an article's punchline. Apologies, sweet fella, I left you in a bind, But hey, at least our banter was one of a kind!

With all seriousness, I really did continue my journey by opening Tinder and seeing what this all-mighty app that I’ve never used before had in store, and luckily, I found one unlucky person in no time.

The conversation went awkwardly, as it always does on some of these apps. You know the drill, ask where he lives, what age he is, what his favorite color is, and all the things I find very unnecessary and not useful.

Finally, he asked me to tell him something about myself, and I saw the opportunity to use ChatGPT and write the most ridiculous upcoming that he ever read and traumatize him a little bit. Here’s how it went:

"Ah, my childhood! It was a whirlwind of wacky adventures and unforgettable moments. You won't believe some of the shenanigans I got up to! Let me share a particularly hilarious memory with you.

So, when I was a kid, I had an imaginary friend named Fredrick. But here's the twist—Fredrick wasn't just any ordinary imaginary friend. Fredrick was a tiny, mischievous bottle cap from the planet Zog who had crash-landed in my backyard. He had a green body, three eyes, and a constant craving for sour candy.

Fredrick and I would embark on wild adventures, leaving my parents with the most confused looks on their faces, pulling off the most peculiar pranks, which, let’s face it, weren’t even pranks; they were just plain mean activities we pulled on people.

One time, we decided to hold a surprise concert for our pet goldfish, Mr. Bubbles. That’s when my parents gave me and Fredrick for adoption.”

Boy, oh boy, was I immediately ghosted and unmatched! My seemingly perfect match was pulling away from me, and quite frankly, I don’t blame him at all.

While still sad about losing my Tinder match before explaining what I’m actually doing and that I was not crazy, I had to pack my metaphorical bags and head off to another chat to continue my “research.” So, off to another guy, then.

Prompt: Hey, Chat. I am currently talking to a guy on Tinder but it is an experiment for my article on I tried to tell funny stories to people using ChatGPT on Tinder.

So, I had an idea to tell him it was completely ridiculous and made up. He asked me about my childhood, so can you please help me make up a really funny and crazy story about my childhood?

Story No.2

My next poor victim was a very sweet guy, and all he did was try to talk to me like I wasn’t being weird as all hell. Here is how it went!:

"Let me tell you about my hilarious college admission journey. I was determined to get into a prestigious linguistics school, so I decided to impress them by speaking a completely made-up gibberish language.

I even accidentally ordered pizza in gibberish at a local pizzeria! Then, I wrote my application essay in rhyming couplets, but it turned into a 100-stanza epic poem.

And for the interview, I dressed up as a walking, talking dictionary. Somehow, amidst all the chaos, I got accepted! The sheer absurdity of my college admission experience still makes me laugh and cry tears of joy."

Fortunately, victim number two was very sweet and innocent while I was saying all these stupid little things that ChatGPT and I generated together(yes, I helped), so he was just very clueless about what the heck I was saying.

My conscience got the best of me, and I quickly told him without being rude that I was joking and being silly.

I also explained that I am a writer who is trying to explore the limits of what ChatGPT can do and was very apologetic for the things I put him through. We parted ways with a simple “No worries,” and I headed off to the next story.

Prompt: Okay, so we're still on the same topic, aka me writing the article, but right now, I am talking to another person, and I want to make up a ridiculous story about how I got into college. Let there be me losing my sanity while trying to get into the school about languages and make it so funny I cry.

Story No.3

I thought that right now, it would be the best time to add a little variety and talk to a girl for once and see what her reaction would be.

For my safety and for the sake of not catfishing and being as ethical as I can be in this situation, I set my Tinder for it to generate both males and females.

I wasn’t about to make a fake Tinder profile with a boy’s face just so I can go on with my little project, and I strongly advise you not to do it either. Not even for a joke.

So, I matched with a girl that seemed smart enough to figure out that I was not being rude or mean and that those were just jokes.

We small-talked for a little while, and I was waiting for the perfect moment to tell my oblivious story. When she finally asked me what type of job I had, I went completely off and even paid homage to one of my favorite comedians. Let’s see what happened:

"Alright, picture this, right? So, I'm a copywriter, but let me tell you, it's a wild gig. I'm like a word ninja, man. I wield the power of the English language to tickle people's brains and make 'em buy stuff they don't even need!

I'm like the ultimate hypnotist, except instead of swinging a pocket watch, I sling sentences that get inside your noggin and make you go, 'I must have that thingamajig, even though I have no idea why!' It's like mind control, but with adjectives and snappy slogans.

See, I sit in my top-secret copywriter lair, surrounded by stacks of dictionaries and thesauruses. My brain becomes a melting pot of puns, metaphors, and the occasional curse word (sorry, Bill Burr influence!). I put together words in ways that make no damn sense but somehow make perfect sense to your subconscious."

Prompt: Let's try this again. My Tinder match just asked me what I do for work. I am a copywriter, but I would like to explain it in an absolutely ridiculously funny way that just doesn't make sense anymore.

Can you please do that for me? Make the story short, very funny, and make it sound like one of my favorite comedians, Bill Burr. Let's see what you got.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, my Tinder experiment with ChatGPT turned out to be a hilarious rollercoaster ride of awkward conversations, ridiculous stories, and a few unmatched connections. I must admit, I might have lost my sanity along the way, but it was all in good fun.

From sharing tales of my mischievous imaginary friend from outer space to recounting my outrageous college admission journey, I pushed the boundaries of absurdity. The reactions ranged from immediate ghosting to innocent confusion, but hey, at least I had a good laugh.

And let's not forget the time I channeled my inner word ninja as a copywriter, hypnotizing minds with adjectives and snappy slogans. Sitting in my top-secret copywriter lair, surrounded by dictionaries and thesauruses, I crafted sentences that made no sense yet somehow made perfect sense to the subconscious.

So, while my Tinder matches may have been left bewildered and bemused, I can proudly say that I successfully tested ChatGPT's capabilities for generating ridiculously funny stories. It was an adventure that showcased the limitless possibilities of this AI language model.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll take a break from Tinder and perhaps find a more suitable audience for my wacky humor. Until then, stay curious and keep embracing the hilarity that life throws your way!