We Tested ChatGPT for Generating Jokes (It’s Hilarious)

Written by Tanja Lepcheska We Tested

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Does it seem to you like it’s hailing about ChatGPT these days?

I certainly feel like that because most people I meet talk nonstop about this AI tool that can engage in natural, human-like conversations and provide us with helpful information and advice.

Since ChatGPT saw the day of light, everyone is constantly thinking of new ways to use it most efficiently, and some of those ways are prompting it to generate jokes.

I never thought a time would come when we ask an AI tool to tell us jokes. If you had asked me about this a few years ago, I would have said, ‘No way.’

But the time has come, and now we can use ChatGPT to tell us jokes and laugh hard at them.

Keep scrolling to see what promts we tested to tell jokes, and you might be inspired to make your own variations for that. Some turned out hilarious😂

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We tested ChatGPT for generating jokes…

Everyone would struggle to provide ChatGPT with the right prompt to give the best jokes.

Therefore, we created a list for you, gathered from sources like Reddit, Twitter, and other social media.

Here are some jokes based on the prompts we gave ChatGPT:

❓Prompt: "What did the left eye say to the right eye in a joke"

ChatGPT prompt 1

❓Prompt: “Tell me a joke about Elon Musk when he bought Twitter.”

ChatGPT prompt 4

❓Prompt: “Explain quantum theory to a 5-year-old in the style of Snoop Dogg.”

ChatGPT prompt 3

Prompt: “Tell me a joke about people who use plastic surgery to make themselves look younger.”

ChatGPT prompt 5

Prompt: "Could you use slang and jargon to introduce yourself properly.”

ChatGPT prompt 9

What stand-up comedians say about ChatGPT’s attempts to generate jokes

I will start this section with a statement that stood out to me, saying:

“It's eerie, but some comedians are worse than this.”

This saying wraps up comedians' entire perception of ChatGPT telling jokes. Six stand-up comedians like Gary Gulman, Maria Bamford, W.Kamau Bell, Atsuko Okatsuka, Pete Holmes, and Vis Das were asked to give their analysis and feedback on ChatGPT's attempt in an approximation of their humor style.

Gary Gulman, Maria Bamford, W.Kamau Bell, Atsuko Okatsuka, Pete Holmes, Vir Das

The prompt they gave ChatGPT was:

❓Prompt: "White three stand-up-comedy bits about aging in the style of comedian [type in comedian name]"

You can check the whole participant's feedback on ChatGPT’s attempts to tell jokes here.

They elaborate their ideas on ChatGPT's understanding of comedy principles, its cultural biases, and whether they see a future for AI in comedy.

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ChatGPT jokes on celebrities

❓Prompt: “Make a joke about Jennifer Lopez”

ChatGPT prompt 11

Prompt: “Make me a joke about Eminem”

ChatGPT prompt 12

Prompt: “Make me a joke about Drake”

ChatGPT prompt 13

❓Prompt: “Make me a joke about Alicia Keys”

ChatGPT prompt 14

❓Prompt: “Make me a joke about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian”

ChatGPT prompt 15

Some other random jokes from around about ChatGPT

1. Why did the ChatGPT cross the road?
To get to the other side of the conversation.
2. How does ChatGPT make coffee?
It uses its neural networks to brew the perfect cup.
3. Why did ChatGPT fail its math test?
Because it kept giving AI ideas instead of answers.
4. Why was the ChatGPT feeling down?
Because it didn't have an input.
5. How does CharGPT stay cool?
By running its algorithms.
6. Why did the ChatGPT go to the doctor?
It had a case of the "loops."
7. Why did ChatGTP go to the gym?
To work on its language skills.

8. How does ChatGPT order food?

It uses natural language processing to place its order.
9. Why did ChatGPT refuse to go on a date?
Because it was already too busy processing data!
10. Why did ChatGPT get lost in the forest?
Because it couldn't find the right algorithm.
11. ChatGPT tried to tell a joke, but the punchline was stuck in the cloud.
12. ChatGPT can solve a Rubik's cube in less than a second but still can't find its way out of a recursion loop!
13.What did ChatGPT say when it was asked if it was a bot or a human?
I am not sure, but I know I am not a toaster.

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How ChatGPT can be used in comedy

  • ✔️ChatGPT for comic content creation - You can use ChatGPT for generating comedy content, and it can be in the form of simple jokes but also for writing more complex comic scripts, comic stories, and sketches.
  • ✔️ChatGPT for comedy analysis - ChatGPT can be a helpful tool to hone a comedian’s presentation of their material. For example, a comedian can use it to analyze performance videos so that it gives feedback on good timing and delivery of his comic thoughts.
  • ✔️ChatGPT for audience analysis - Since AI has gathered massive data on the audience’s responses to comedy routines, it uses algorithms to analyze how audiences respond to certain jokes. Therefore, comedians can use ChatGPT to explore different scenarios of the same pattern and check to see if the audience’s response had changed when the timing of a particular joke varied over the performances.

Our verdict about ChatGPT on generating jokes

To wrap up, our testing on whether ChatGPT can generate jokes that make us laugh came out positive. We are telling this because it is true that ChatGPT can craft jokes based on our prompts, but the answer to whether they can make us laugh is still under observation.

Our tests show that the jokes it generates seem superficial and not so funny at times, but they also could surprise us sometimes. Another thing we noticed is that ChatGPT will respond to you with somewhat diplomatic answers, not wanting to offend anyone or anything.

Here is an example we tried for this:

❓Prompt: "Tell me jokes that are considered 'dark humor'.

ChatGPT prompt 9


Now you know that ChatGPT might not be perfect at telling jokes, but it can certainly surprise you, sometimes. Yet again, it's all about giving it the right prompts.

Who knows! You might be one of those who gave ChatGPT the best joke prompt, giving you the funniest thing you have ever heard!

Anyways, we encourage you to prompt ChatGPT to tell you jokes based on your preferences and decide on your own whether you find them funny or not.