Leonardo AI Prompts Examples: Get Inspired and Create Lovely AI Images in Minutes

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Leonardo AI is an AI-powered image generator with many features that make image creation a breeze. However, many users struggle with selecting the right words to describe their desired outcomes.

To help you get the most out of this powerful tool, we've created a guide on creating effective prompts for Leonardo AI.

We'll cover everything from the structure of a good prompt to the results we've achieved using this innovative technology.

Prompt formula

As a rule of thumb, prompts must be concise, clear, and detailed.

A prompt can include anything ranging from camera angles, camera types, styles, and lightning.

However, the art lies in the order of the words and the words themselves. The way you order the words signals these artificial intelligence tools what to prioritize when they generate your image. Users must also know what to include in the prompt, as not everything is important.

This word order should be optimal and applicable in most situations:

Subject Description + Type of Image + Style of the image+ Camera Shot + Render Related Information.

A mesmerizing landscape of a stunning mountain range enveloped in warm hues of orange and pink, with the sun delicately descending on the horizon, landscape photography, realism, impressionism, and wide-angle composition.

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Leonardo AI Prompts Examples

Remember that these prompts can be customized to fit your needs. These are just examples we created following the formula from above.

A gently rocking boat at sea

From the perspective of a gently rocking boat, depict a vast, serene sea stretching to the horizon. The water, kissed by summer, reflects the radiant light of a midday sun, creating subtle glimmers and sparkles. Closer to the boat, a few seagulls dance gracefully above the water, their white feathers contrasting sharply against the deep azure of the sea. Some come close enough that their detailed features, from the keenness in their eyes to the texture of their feathers, can be discerned. The air carries the light scent of salt and the distant murmur of waves. The entire scene embodies the tranquility and boundless beauty of a summer day at sea.

gently rocking boat at sea

A puppy chasing a butterfly

In a sunlit garden, a joyful puppy chases a delicate butterfly amidst vibrant flowers. Their playful dance captures the essence of nature's spontaneous joys and innocence.

A puppy chasing a butterfly

Skyline of Tokyo

Crisp evening over Tokyo: High-rise buildings silhouette against a twilight sky, their lights beginning to twinkle. Iconic landmarks like Tokyo Tower stand out, while moving trains and bustling streets below hint at the city's ever-present energy. The skyline is a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition, reflecting Tokyo's unique character.

skyline of tokyo

A medieval town surrounded by forest

In the heart of a dense, mist-enshrouded forest lies a medieval town. Cobblestone streets wind through stone houses with thatched roofs. The town's walls, made of aged stone, protectively encircle it. Towering spires and chimneys break the skyline. Outside the walls, the forest looms, ancient trees with gnarled roots and canopies so thick that daylight filters through in soft, dappled patterns. Whispers of mystery hang in the air, as if the forest holds secrets waiting to be discovered.

medieval town

A man reading a newspaper in New York

In the bustling heart of New York, a man sits comfortably at a streetside cafe. Amidst the cacophony of the city, he is engrossed in reading a newspaper. The crisp pages rustle as he flips them, sipping his coffee intermittently. Around him, pedestrians rush by and skyscrapers rise, but he remains an oasis of calm, absorbed in the day's headlines.

Man reading news paper

Alien ship on the horizon

Over a vast, dusky landscape, an alien ship breaks the horizon. Its design, unlike anything known to humanity, emanates a soft, otherworldly glow. The ship hovers silently, casting long, eerie shadows on the ground below. Around it, the sky pulses with vibrant, unfamiliar hues, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and wonder as the unknown vessel signals the merging of two worlds.

alien ship on the horizon

Elegant House

A very nice elegant house with a classic design, featuring a charming combination of stone and brick exteriors, large arched windows, and a grand entrance with intricate wrought iron detailing. The well-manicured gardens and a sweeping driveway add to the house's overall elegant and inviting appeal.

elegant house Powerful Queen in a War

Fierce and powerful queen leading her army into battle, wearing elaborate armor and holding a legendary weapon.

powerful queen in a war

A stunning siren

A stunning siren with flowing golden hair, luminous blue eyes, and a shimmering iridescent tail that glimmers with an enchanting array of pastel colors.


Tropical Paradise

A tranquil beach at sunset, with hues of orange, pink, and gold filling the sky.

tropical beach

Renaissance Artist

Talented female artist from the Renaissance era, surrounded by her masterpieces and inspiring others through her work.


Night Sky

A tranquil and breathtaking view of the night sky with stars, planets, and distant galaxies.

night sky

Whimsical wizard

Whimsical wizard with a long, flowing, neon-green beard that seems to glow with enchantment. His pointy hat is adorned with sparkling stars and a tiny dragon figurine perched on top. He carries a magical staff that can transform into different shapes, like a feather duster or a giant lollipop.


Sticker design

Sticker design featuring a beautiful bouquet of flowers using the AI image generator software. The floral arrangement should be vibrant and eye-catching, with a mix of colorful blossoms and lush greenery. The sticker should evoke a sense of joy and positivity, perfect for adding a touch of nature's beauty to any surface

sticker design

Graphic design t-shirt

graphic design t shirt, flat design, car london street, colorful tones, highly detailed clean, vector image, professional photography, smoke explosion, simple background, flat black background , shiny vector ((black background))

t-shirt design

Mischievous Forest Creature

A character encounters a magical creature deep within an enchanted forest.

magical forest

A majestic lion

A majestic lion with a magnificent golden mane, fierce amber eyes, and a powerful, regal presence.

majestic lion

Underwater paradise

Underwater paradise featuring vibrant coral reefs, bioluminescent sea creatures, and ancient ruins.

underwater paradise

Futuristic city

A futuristic city scene with neon lights, towering skyscrapers, and advanced transportation systems

futuristic city

Fantasy Landscape

Otherworldly landscape with floating islands, colorful flora, and mystical creatures.

fantasy landscape

Beautiful Blonde Girl

Beautiful girl with blonde hair and red sunglasses

blonde girl

Traditional Japenese house

Envision a traditional Japanese house, characterized by its wooden architecture and tatami mat flooring. Nestled gracefully atop a serene hill, the house stands surrounded by lush greenery. Delicate cherry blossoms hint at the early spring season, their pink petals juxtaposing the earthy tones of the house. The roof, with its iconic curved eaves, protects a tranquil veranda where one might imagine enjoying a warm cup of tea. In the background, the setting sun casts a golden hue, while the distant silhouette of mountains provides an idyllic backdrop. Every element should resonate with the harmony and balance of traditional Japanese aesthetics.

Screen Shot 2023 08 01 At 11.18.20 Am


A day in the life of Barbie as she navigates her intricately detailed, multi-story, pink mansion. Pay particular attention to the lavish rooms, ornate furniture, and the myriad of activities she partakes in, from the gleaming gourmet kitchen to the opulent rooftop garden.

Screen Shot 2023 08 01 At 11.19.42 Am

Psychedelic, apple logo with minimalistic design, 99designs contest winner, retro colors, glitchy effects, vaporwave style, 8-bit graphics, pixelated animation.

leonardo ai retro apple logo

Close-up portrait of a young woman

Portrait of a young woman, realistic, blue eyes, cinematic

leonardo ai portrait of a young woman

A photorealistic portrait of a young girl

A realistic, photorealistic portrait of a young girl; the girl is approximately 10 years old with shoulder-length curly hair and bright blue eyes. She has a joyful expression with a slight smile. Her skin tone is fair, with a touch of rosy cheeks. She is wearing a light pink dress with floral patterns. The dress has frilly details and a satin ribbon around the waist. The girl is standing outdoors in a lush green garden with blooming flowers and a tall tree in the background; photorealistic digital illustration, realism, portrait painting, DSLR camera, medium shot, high-resolution image with fine details, natural lighting with soft shadows eyes.

leonardo ai portrait of a young girl

Photorealistic landscape with a majestic mountain range

A breathtaking landscape showcasing a majestic mountain range, photorealistic digital illustration, realism, landscape painting, DSLR camera, wide-angle shot, high-resolution image with fine details, realistic lighting with dramatic shadows, emphasis on texture and depth, and vibrant colors.

leonardo ai landscape image

Artistic illustration of a middle-aged man

A sketch of a thoughtful middle-aged man in a natural setting, realistic pencil sketch, impressionism art, full-body shot, hatching, and shading techniques, emphasis on capturing mood and emotion, soft lighting, and nature-inspired elements in the background.

pencil sketch of a man created with leonardo ai

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Artistic illustration of Bart Simpson

An artistic illustration of Bart Simpson from The Simpsons, cartoon, pop art, Andy Warhol, Roy medium shot, bold and vibrant colors, clean lines, comic book-style halftone dots, playful and dynamic composition.

bart simpson created with ai

Artistic illustration of an African woman with tribal elements

An artistic illustration of an African woman with tribal elements, tribal art, contemporary illustration, Laolu Senbanjo, Nelson Makamo, medium shot, bold and vibrant colors, geometric patterns, incorporation of African symbols and motifs, dynamic composition.

artistic illustration of an african woman created with leonardo ai

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To Sum Up

With Leonardo AI, users can create stunning, realistic photographs using a powerful AI art generator. Crafting a prompt is necessary for creating desired images, but with the ability to mix styles and features, users can unleash their creativity infinitely. Learn how to create effective prompts by following our examples and bringing the images you've imagined to life.