Photography Made Easy: How ChatGPTCan Help Beginners Master the Art

Written by Emilija Anchevska We Tested

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ChatGPT can't edit or take your photos for you, but there are many other areas where the AI-powered chatbot can fill in the gaps.

Beginner photographers, for example, may need help finding inspiration or navigating the camera's settings at first.

ChatGPT can answer these dilemmas and assist you in learning the theoretical part of photography so that you can tackle these challenges more quickly.

In this guide, we'll explore how ChatGPT can help you with the less interesting parts of the work so you can focus on what you love most - capturing stunning photographs.

Common Problems New Photographers Face

  • Selecting the right gear. For first-time photographers, choosing the right equipment might be overwhelming. ChatGPT can help you understand the differences between the cameras and assist you in selecting the one that is beginner friendly.
  • Not knowing the camera settings. Once you have the camera in your hands, you might need an explanation about its features. While almost all cameras have a manual, those little books might be too technical. ChatGPT can help you crack the meaning of technical terms.
  • Not knowing photographers' concepts and terminology. Line, shape, exposure triangle, ISO... Photographers must understand so many technical terms that much of their time must be spent learning theory rather than taking pictures.
  • Not knowing how to edit. In the world of photography, editing plays a vital role. However, mastering the art of editing takes dedication and time. ChatGPT can help you understand how to edit a photo properly and develop your photography skills.
  • Coming up with business ideas and marketing strategies. The photography business is highly competitive, so you need to be ready to offer fresh ideas and create content for social media platforms to reach a wider audience. Since marketing is a different area, ChatGPT can do this for you.
  • Get inspiration about what and where to shoot. Should you try wedding photography, or maybe portrait photography, or something else? Creativity plays a major role in the success of one photographer. Therefore, once again, you can turn to artificial intelligence to help you generate new ideas when you feel overwhelmed or burnedout.

How can ChatGPT Help Beginners?

Now that we understand what an average photographer goes through, let's see how ChatGPT can help.

Remember that ChatGPT is a versatile tool that can achieve specific results in many ways. The examples below should give you an idea of how to use the chatbot to advance your photographic skills and learn faster!

Learn about equipment to make the right choice when buying a camera.

Prompt: Hello, Chat! I'm interested in purchasing a camera and starting my journey as a photographer. Could you guide me on what specifications I should consider as a beginner? Thank you!


ChatGPT camera suggestions for camera gear

After receiving this answer, you can continue learning by asking more questions like:

  • Which camera type is best for event photography, like weddings and concerts?
  • Which camera do you recommend that has a decent sensor and is budget-friendly?
  • What is the difference between optical viewfinders and LCD screens? And which one is better for beginners?

Learn the camera settings so you can take stunning images in different conditions.

Prompt: Can you please explain to me what color temperature means as a setting on my Fujifilm camera?


ChatGPT explanation for camera settings

If this answer is too technical, you can ask ChatGPT to simplify the answer. Another way you can use it to help you learn your camera setting is by copy-pasting the setting in the chat and asking the AI about their meaning.

Moreover, you can ask the bot to provide practical examples of when and where you should use these settings.

Here is an example:

  • When and where should I use these settings? [Enter settings]

Additional questions you can ask:

  • Can you give me some tips on improving my skills and capturing better photos?
  • Can you recommend some of the best photography books?

Learn how to use different editing tools to capture the right mood.

Prompt: Can you give me a step-by-step guide on how to create moody images in Photoshop? I have a building image that I want to make look like it's in the dark and fog.


ChatGPT explanation on how to use photoshop

From here, you can add follow-up questions about the parts you find to be unclear.

  • What kind of effects make one photograph moody and monotonous?
  • How can I achieve a moody effect such as the one in Edward Hopper's paintings in my photographs?
  • Which tools will I need to use the most in Photoshop to achieve a moody effect?

Learn technical language and terms.

Prompt: As a photographer, what technical terms must I know?


ChatGPT explaining photo terms

Again, you can ask ChatGPT to simplify the answers or provide you with examples if the initial response is too complicated.

Depending on your learning style, you can even ask the bot to provide a learning plan or a curriculum so that you can have a practical schedule to follow and learn easily.

Learn how to promote yourself and attract more customers.

Prompt: I'm interested in some advice on how to promote my photography business through social media. My specialty is wedding photography, and I cater to individuals looking for exceptional photographs to capture their special day. I would appreciate some guidance on creating a unique value proposition and a strategy to reach my target audience. I can travel to any location within my country and deliver high-quality images within five days. Thank you in advance for your help!


ChatGPT how to promote a business

Additional questions you can ask:

  • Please provide me with a suitable caption for a photo I want to post on social media. The image features a couple on their wedding night, standing on the shore while embracing and looking at each other. The sky in the background is dark, full of stars, and a few chandeliers can be seen in the foreground. It's an intimate and romantic photo, and I would appreciate it if you could include a CTA at the end of the caption.
  • Please provide me with a list of the common issues faced by individuals searching for wedding photographers. I plan on starting a photography business, and understanding potential clients' pain points would greatly assist me in offering services that best meet their needs. Thank you.

Get inspiration and overcome ‘photographers block.’

Prompt: Can you suggest what I could take photos of?


ChatGPT photography suggestions

Bonus: Learn from other professionals

While ChatGPT can be an amazing assistant and study buddy, don’t forget to learn and analyze the work of the already established photographs that have years of experience.

Many of them sell their photo books or even have YouTube channels where they explain their techniques and share all their secrets.

Some of the most popular photographers worth following are Peter McKinnon, Jessica Kobeissi, and Chelsea Northrup.

To sum Up

Even photographers who need to visit a location to take a photo physically can benefit from using ChatGPT.

This tool has a large capacity and can simplify various aspects of the photographic process, from understanding camera theory and settings to building a brand and promoting oneself on social media.

Depending on your preferences and learning style, you can use different prompts and integrate ChatGPT into your daily tasks.