3 AI Tools for Google Slides Presentation

Before the rise of AI, visually stunning presentations demanded significant effort. However, with the advent of AI technology, creating stunning presentations became significantly easier.

This article will review the best AI presentation makers to help you create beautiful Google Slides presentations in minutes.

Let’s go!

Best AI Google Slides Tools

Below is a list of the three efficient AI tools for Google Slides that can help you create amazing presentation with just a few clicks.



Slides.io is an AI-powered tool designed to help users structure long texts into presentable, well-defined summarizations for their Google Slides presentations.

To start using the tool, users must install Slides.io on their browser first. Next, they must copy and paste the text that needs to be summarized. The Slides.io team advises users to paste longer texts for better results.

The tool also offers several premade themes for achieving an organized and polished presentation. Alternatively, users can import their presentation templates to convey their brand accurately.

Slides.io offers a few pricing packages.

  • Free- 3 Presentations/month. 500 Character Input / Presentation.
  • Pro - US$10.00/ month. 10 Presentations/month, 6000 Character Input / Presentation.
  • Premium $20.00/month. Unlimited Presentations. 2000 Character Input / Presentation.

slides.io pricing plans

Magic Slides App

magic slides app

Magic Slides App is a Google Chrome extension designed to help users easily create presentations in Google Slides.

Both business professionals and students can create amazing Google Slides presentations using the options for different colors, themes, and fonts.

Magic Slides App also supports all languages, making it a global presentation solution.

To create a presentation with Magic Slides:

  1. Install MagicSlides from the Google Workspace Marketplace.
  2. Create a new slide and launch the app.
  3. Enter your presentation topic, slide count, and any reference text you want to include.
  4. Click 'Generate.'

Magic App pricing plans:

magic app pricing plans

Plus AI

plus ai

As the name suggests, Plus AI is an AI-powered tool for Google Slides presentations.

Like most AI tools, Plus AI creates presentations once users enter a prompt. Users can write their prompts or use some of the pre-created ones.

Next, users must enter titles for their slides, enter images, and hit the ‘Generate’ button.

Plus AI is a great presentation generator for anyone looking to create simple and neat presentations quickly.

Plus AI pricing plans:

plus ai pricing plans

Benefits of using AI presentation tools.

- It saves you time. Artificial intelligence tools can save significant time when creating presentations for school or work. Users don’t need to spend hours searching for visually appealing backgrounds or moving elements in the slides to create clear and organized presentations.

- It helps you create professional-looking slideshows. Aesthetics is very important when it comes to presentations. Incorrectly placed elements and poor design won't keep the listener's attention and might cause confusion. With AI presentation tools, users can create professional-looking slideshows with ease.

- It is easy to use. AI tools for presentations are easy to use and usually feature premade options that speed up the whole process. Users don’t need to be tech-savvy to use these tools, as they are designed to fit every person's level of knowledge.

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To sum Up

Google Slides can be time-consuming to create presentations on, but AI can help users make nice presentations in minutes.

Most apps offer free trials and plans so users can test them before subscribing.

There are numerous AI-powered tools available to help users create presentations, and hopefully, this article helped you make a decision.